September 17, 2019

Colombia announces ‘new’ Panama Canal project with China

If Colombia and China get their act togehter then the Panama Canal will be competing against Thomas the Tank Engine and friends.

Latin American country Colombia has announced it is working with China to build an alternative to the Panama Canal.

The plan is to create a ‘dry canal’ that uses a rail link between the Pacific port of Buenaventura and the Atlantic Coast.

With Asian trade to Latin and South America booming Colombia sees a real opportunity to lower transport costs and break the monopoly of the Panama Canal.

Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos says the dry canal was “a real proposal and it is quite advanced”.

Trade between Colombia and China has increased from $10million in 1980 to over $5billion last year. The increased involvement of China in the region has seen it be able to develop alternative sources for it’s raw material supplies while opening up new opportunities for its manufactured goods that have suffered from lower demand in the recession hit West.

President Santos is taking advantage of the relative stability created by his predecessor Alvaro Uribe’s suppression of the Marxist rebels.

Santos will be hoping that rapid economic development will see more opportunities for ordinary Colombians and lessen the influence of the illegal drug trade.

China will be enjoyng the prospect of sticking it to the United States of America by offering an alternative to the Panama Canal.

The US took Panama which was a province of Colombia and created a puppet state to ensure American control of the Panama Canal that America had constructed with huge loss of Colombian life.

In a week where it was announced that China had overtaken Japan as the worlds second largest economy and they would top the US within a decade, there must be real panic in Washington about the influence of China on the world stage.

The US can also be justifiably a bit miffed because they spent millions assisting Colombia to fight the drug trade and the Marxist rebels in recent decades only for China to waltz in a reap the rewards of stability.

One thing China seems to be exceptional at is getting alongside third world nations and treating them as partners. There has been a tendency in the past for America to adopt a paternalistic approach that often gets interpretted as patronising arrogance.