September 23, 2019

Donald Trump thinking of running for President

Donald Trump seen here looking exceedingly presidential and modeling what may become the 'first' toupee.

Billionaire Donald Trump says he is seriously thinking about running for president of the United States of America and will make a final decision by June.

The Apprentice star was putting in an appearance on Piers Morgan’s show on CNN and obviously felt he had to say something to stir up interest.

About his possible presidential bid, Trump, appearing on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” said “I am seriously thinking about it. I won’t make a decision till June.” But I will make a decision and it may surprise people frankly, but I will make a decision sometime prior to June.” Go that readers? June, June, June.

Trump also went on to claim that the United States is doing rather badly and had lost the respect of the world. Yes Donald that respect disappeared during George W Bush’s administration.

Realising he was preaching to a local audience Trump switched to campaign mode. “I love this country. I hate what’s happened to this country,” he added. “We’re a laughingstock throughout the world. We’re not respected.” The reason for that Doanld is that George W didn’t respect anyone else.

Donald says that if he was elected, he would reassess American foreign policy. “The first thing I would do is announce very strongly that we’re going to tax Chinese products. 25% tax on all Chinese products. They will come to the table immediately and stop manipulating their currency which they’re doing,” he said.

“I see them as the enemy,” he said. “They want to take over this country economically. They are not really out-competing. They are cheating. And we have people who don’t know what to do, because we have the wrong people in office.” Ok Donald, sorry to inform you but China has already taken over the US economically.

Now it was the turn of OPEC. “Worse than China is OPEC,” he said. “They wouldn’t be there except for us. Twelve men sit around the table. They set the price of fuel. They set the price of $3.50 for your car right now, a gallon. Guess what that’s going to be? 5, 6 and $7 very soon. Of course, there’s nobody here that calls them and says, ‘Fellows, you better not do it. ”

So let me get this right Donald. You want to declare economic war on China who the US is seriously in debt to. You want to set the world price for oil and talk tough to anyone who doesn’t agree with you and let you get your own way. But most of all you want the world to ‘respect’ America again. Sounds like a winning formula Mr Trump.