March 21, 2019

Egypt’s President Mubarak refuses to quit

I just want you to know my people that I appreciate you taking to the streets and showing your love and support for me - your loving president.

Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak says he is going to stay in power until Septembers Presidential election.

Thousands of protesters had flooded into central Cairo’s Tahrir Square in anticipation of an announcement by Mubarak of his resignation. The mood darkened considerably when their historic night turned into more of the same.

Mr Mubarak said he would delegate some powers to Vice-President Omar Suleiman, but would ignore “diktats from abroad”.

The problem for Mubarak is that while the United States and others might be making comments, it is the hundreds of thousands of his own people in the streets of Cairo, Alexandria and other cities that cannot be ignored.

Mr Mubarak, apologised to the families of protesters killed in clashes with the security forces in recent weeks, and said those responsible for their deaths would be punished.

Newswarped is not quite sure who is going to punish them. The army seems to be doing what it wants and has made several statements in recent hours that indicate its thinking is rather different from the governments.

However President Mubarak who seems to be quite detached from the reality of the situation prattled on. “I express a commitment to carry on and protect the constitution and the people and transfer power to whomever is elected next September in free and transparent elections.”

For those of us who saw the fall of the Eastern Bloc nations this is starting to look more and more like the fall of Nicolae Ceausescu in Romania. President Mubarak might not be foolish enough to address the crowds directly, but the mood of the people is set on a course for change.

Egypt’s military had earlier said it was standing ready to “protect the nation”. Just what they are protecting the nation from is unclear.

Negotiations between the government and opposition groups have made little progress and nothing that the government proposes seems to be enough to satisfy the desires of the protesters.

President Mubarak if you are listening, please let Newswarped spell this out for you. The mood of your nation has turned against you and they want you gone now, not in September. You might be too old to have much of a retirement, but a few years in quiet comfort is a better option than to go out with a bang like your predecessor Anwar Sadat.