May 19, 2019

From rubble to altar – NZ Quake wedding goes ahead

Wedding of the week from Christchurch - Thank you Emma and Chris for giving us a good news story.

Emma Howard spent the first 6 1/2 hours after the Christchurch earthquake “in a foetal position” in the rubble of the destroyed PCG Building.

Managing to text her fiance during her ordeal, their planned wedding on the Friday must have seemed like an impossible dream.

But today Emma Howard and Chris Greenslade were married in Christ the King Catholic Church in Burnsidere, Christchurch, giving a city a good news story on a day when no more survivors were found.

Emma’s rescue meant the wedding they had planned for months could go ahead.

Declaring to the waiting media she was feeling a “bit tired”, Emma said “The church is still in perfect condition and we have a marquee out here on dad’s front lawn for the reception,” she said.

“I’m fortunate that everybody we invited originally will be there.”

Newswarped thanks Emma and Chris for giving a tragedy laden city something to smile about. We would also like to thank the media who covered the wedding, for not just focussing on the death and destruction.


One couple who will never forget their wedding day.