May 19, 2019

Gaddafi fights for Western Libya

Protester Power - Look mate I have got an AK-47 and a SAM missile, bring it on Gaddafi.

Forces loyal to Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi are battling to maintain control of the capital Tripoli. Pro-Gaddafi gunmen are roaming the streets of Tripoli firing indiscriminately.

While the protesters and defecting army units remain firmly in control of the east of Libya, there are now reports of uprisings in the western towns of Misurata, Zawiya and Sabratha.

It is hard to put a figure on the casualties, but the death toll is in the hundreds.

Overnight a pilot ejected from his plane rather than carry out orders to bomb his countrymen.

Reports from Tripoli say that the streets are mostly deserted with pro-Gaddafi militia and African mercenaries patrolling. Residents are too afraid to venture out.

There are also a number of accounts of killings by paramilitary troops acting as death squads, with bodies being immediately dumped in their vehicles, and all the evidence of shooting being cleared, including cartridge cases being picked up and blood washed away.

Government workers havbeen ordered back to work, but few are heeding the call.

Reports from residents in Tripoli say that a protest march is planed for Thursday. If that proceeds in big numbers then there will be no going back. If the people are prepared to face death on the streets, then the terror tactics of the Gaddafi regime will have failed.

There have been unconfirmed reports of gunmen entering hospitals and shooting patients.

The Libyan army is relatively weak compared to the government paramilitary units and mercenaries. It will however, if it defects in big enough numbers give courage to the civilian protesters and provide them with a means of taking the battle to the loyalist forces.

Newswarped thinks that Colonel Gaddafi should give up on his new hobby of holding press conferences in bizarre locations and just leave. While he is there, many of those who have kept him in power will fight on. The tide has changed and cannot be turned back now.