March 19, 2019

Jacques Chirac’s wife denies he has Alzheimer’s

My name name is umm.....Whoever I am I am not corrupt..ok?

Bernadette Chirac the wife of former French President Jacques Chirac has angrily denied reports that he is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

She has told French radio that she was “scandalised” by the claims which come only a month before Jacques Chirac goes on trial on corruption charges.

Mr Chirac was President of France between 1995 and 2007, but is facing corruption allegations from his time as mayor of Paris.

On Sunday, the newspaper Journal du Dimanche reported that Chirac, 78, had suffered from memory lapses, according to unnamed friends, and added that his wife feared he had Alzheimer’s.

But Mrs Chirac told French station Europe 1 on Monday that the reports were “a lie” and that she had “never spoken of that disease of Alzheimer’s regarding my husband”.

“If my husband was suffering from that illness I wouldn’t hesitate in saying so,” she said. Newswarped would like to point out that Mrs Chirac has probably spent a considerable amount of time during their 54 years of marriage berating Jacques on what a lousy memory he has. Maybe it is a bit rich, her getting so defensive about this story.

Mr Chirac himself said to reporters outside his home “Do I look as if I’m not talking well? I am very well, thank you. I wish you the same good health.”

The former president is accused of embezzlement and breach of trust in a bogus jobs scandal. It involved the funding of party allies with taxpayers’ money while he was mayor of Paris. A further charge of illegal conflict of interest was added late last year.

Mrs Chirac insisted that her husband would go on trial: “He has always said that he wanted to be treated under the law just as anyone else. He must be treated no better but no worse than anyone else too.”

While he did suffer from some problems with walking and hearing (particularly when she is talking to him), Mrs Chirac said it was not clear whether these were linked to his age or a minor stroke he had in 2005.

Memory loss is the favourite defence of aging politicians and mafia bosses who are up on criminal charges. It is unclear at this stage if this is just a story out of nothing designed to sell newspapers or part of a sinister attempt to enable Jacques to slip off the corruption hook.