January 16, 2019

Japan suspends whale hunt after “dangerous attacks”

The Nisshin Maru a serious scientific research ship. There are rumours though that whales taken on board to be scientifically examined are never seen again.

Japan has suspended its annual Antarctic whale hunt in the Southern Ocean because anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd is tailing its mother ship Nisshin Maru.

Hirosh Kawamura, an official at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, said the hunt has been “temporarily suspended” since February 10 due to the actions of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

“We have experienced the dangerous attacks from them, it might take the life of crews,” he said. “Considering the safety as the first priority, we decided to halt the whaling temporarily.”

Japan annually hunts whales in the Antarctic, despite a worldwide moratorium on whaling, under the loophole that a country may legally do so if its purpose is scientific research.

Sea Shepherd has said the science argument is a sham, noting that the whale meat is sold in Japan and served in restaurants.

Japan’s Institue of Cetacean Research that carries out the ‘scientific research’ on hundreds of whales a year in the Southern Ocean has protested about the actions of the protesters.

They are angered by the actions of Sea Shepherds Australian-registered trimaran Gojira, which has been attacking the Nisshin Maru with “glass bottle projectiles, smoke bombs and incendiary
devices including a parachute flare-type.” This all sounds more like what mischevious High School get up too than high level protest action.

Apart from Sea Shepherd, the Institute of Cetacean Research is angry with; the Netherlands for being the flag state of two Sea Shepherd vessels, Australia for being the flag state of the Gojira, New Zealand for allowing Sea Shepherd vessels in its ports and lastly the United States of America for being the home base of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Newswarped thinks all this anger is not good for them and they should take the rest of the year off from whaling to try and remain calm.

Newswarped is also wondering why there is no massive outcry from marine biologists around the world that the valuable scientific research being conducted on whales by the Institue of Cetacean Research has been halted.