June 25, 2019

Kim Duthie in police custody as Ricky Nixon denies affair

Kim Duthie the saviour of Australia's film industry with her new movie - Nixon and Me.

Kim Duthie the teenager at the centre of the St Kilda nude photo scandal has been taken into custody as part of a police investigation into drug and theft-related matters.

Prominent AFL player manager Ricky Nixon, 47 is also fighting for his future after Kim Duthie, 17 made allegations that she had been having a month long affair with Nixon.

Video footage of Duthie and Nixon in a Melbourne hotel room has been released, but Nixon denies the allegations of a sexual relationship with Duthie, and that he supplied her with alcohol and snorted cocaine.

The AFL Players’ Association today announced its Player Accreditation Board would meet on Thursday to assess Nixon’s future and decide what action is appropriate for them to take over the matter.

Nixon admits visiting the Duthie’s hotel room in the early hours of February 15 and says that it was inappropriate. He claims he was acting at the request of one of Duthies relatives and was only trying to help a teenager in trouble.

So far Nixon has not been preparred to say what was ‘inappropriate’ about his meeting with Duthie, but Newswarped suspects his wife has been a little more persistent than the media in pursuing the matter.

“I apologise to everybody who thinks I’ve done the wrong thing.” Nixon said in a radio interview. He also claims the video footage showing him on Duthie’s bed in his underwear was ‘doctored’.

“I should not have gone there [to her hotel room] but under the circumstances I made a decision where I had a teenage girl on the phone for an hour saying things that didn’t sound good to me … she needed help.”

“When someone rings you and they’re in an emotional state, and clearly disturbed, and they say that they’ve lost all their money, and they’ve got you in big trouble and they’re about to ring your wife and tell her something similar, I ask you the question ‘Would you go and see that person?'”

Kim Duthie, who late last year caused a scandal by publishing nude photographs of St Kilda AFL stars Nick Riewoldt and Nick Dal Santo, says she started the relationship with Nixon last month with the intention of setting him up. But she says she feels sorry for him and likes him now.

Newswarped thinks that ruining someones life is a strange way for Kim to show she likes them. Please don’t like me Kim.

Nixon has hit back saying Duthie downloaded video from his mobile phone and stole his credit card details during a meeting last year.

“She explained to me that she had stolen my credit card and used it to pay for a flight to New Zealand the week before.”

Duthie claims they had an ongoing sexual relationship but a few days before Valentine’s Day she discovered Nixon was married, which he had always denied to her.

Ok Kim time to stop there. You could have googled him and found out he was married. now you say you are feeling like a “winner” now because you are telling the truth.

So when did you stop telling lies and start telling the truth exactly? We won’t even get into the car ride you claim to have taken with Nixon where you got a bruise on your face. The allegations you are making don’t stack up very well.

Your latest video on YouTube does you no favours. If you had a brain you might realise it is the dumbest thing you have done so far, and there are a few to choose from.

Newswarped is hoping that the police can get to the bottom of it all then we can all get down to enjoying the footy.

Below is Kim’s latest video which is basically her shooting herself in the foot so to speak. A pity she doesn’t know any other words than f##k.


  1. .. Looks like Griff/NewsWarped is also part of the “Don’t believe the Teen, Believe only the SuperStar” mantra that they complain about… guess these players/managers will go back to being ‘average Joe’s’ like the rest of us… what a horrible fate… protect them from that, protect them from that…