May 22, 2019

Policeman charged with starting massive bushfire

Bushfires, Floods, Locusts and Cyclones - just a typical Aussie summer? I hope not.

A Western Australia police officer has been charged with breaching a total fire ban by using an angle grinder on his Perth Hills property.

That might seem a bit over the top but the sparks form the grinder are alledged to have ignited one of the state’s most devastating bushfires.

Around 71 houses have been confirmed as totally destroyed and another 32 badly damaged.

The policeman was off duty at the time of the incident and has since taken leave.

News of the mans use of the angle grinder spread quickly in the community and police have stepped up patrols past his property as there are fears for his family’s safety.

The man had proven to be hard to track down after leaving the area, but after finally speaking with arson squad officers this afternoon, the 56-year-old has been formally charged with carrying out an activity in the open air that causes or is likely to cause a fire under the Bushfires Act. He is due to appear in court on March 15.

Using an angle grinder in the open air in tinder dry conditions is just bizarre. Presumably he was cutting metal. It is tragic that one dumb decision can have such severe consequences.

It is fortunate that no lives were lost, but the comunity has a right to be angry when the alledged perpetrator is someone who is employed to protect the community and uphold the law.

Don’t think he will be getting many BBQ invites from the locals for the foreseeable future, unles they have spit roast ambitions for him.