August 22, 2019

Ricky Nixon flees Australia as Kim Duthie released by police

AFL player manger Ricky Nixon has flown out of Australia as controversy over the nature of his relationship with teenager Kim Duthie shows no sign of abating.

Nixon has alledgedly flown to Ireland on a pre-arranged trip to look at promising Gaelic football players for the AFL. That he feels the need to proceed with the trip despite serious allegations made against him shows that he is not in complete grasp of reality and public perception.

Kim Duthie has been released by police after being taken into custody for questioning last night. In typical Duthie style she Tweeted her followers ”Fabulous, have just been arrested … off to the police station. Thanks. DUUUHH, VIDEOS.”

She was questiond by Police about possible offences including drug possession and secretly filming AFL player manager Ricky Nixon.

Duthie said upon her release that she was not aware that secretly filming someone without their permission was illegal.

Duthie was sticking to her story that she and Nixon had a sexual relationship, and that he had taken drugs in her presence.

Nixon has admitted to ”inappropriate dealings” with Kim Duthie but will still not elaborate on what that means.

Newswarped is thoroughly confused with the latest revelations. At face value it looks like Duthie who has been loose with the facts regarding the St Kilda nude photos scandal at times in recent weeks has set up Nixon to get back at him.

For Nixon’s part though he is not helping his cause by not fully explaining what his relationship with Duthie involved. He may be gulty or been framed, but either way he has been incredidbly stupid.