July 19, 2019

Sreesanth v Ponting – Who is the loser?

For the first time in his life Ricky Ponting is speechless. Sreesanth must be good.

Indian fast bowler Sreesanth has had a face-off with Australian captain Ricky Ponting in todays ‘friendly’ warmup match for the Cricket World Cup.

In recent years Sreesanth has turned weird behaviour into an art form. In the latest installment, Sreesanth beat Ponting’s bat with a short ball and then went up for a massive appeal.

When his Bollywood special appeal was turned down he decided to get in Pontings face an indulge in some staring and batting advice.

Words were exchanged and Sreesanth walked away making an ‘L’ sign with his thumb and forefinger, as if to signify he thought Ponting was a ‘Loser’.

Sreesanth was once dumb enough to do a dance in front of South African fast bowler Andre Nel after he had hit Nel for six.

But the crowning glory that puts Sreesanth at the top of world crickets ‘annoying tree’ is for riling India team-mate Harbjajan Singh (the alledged annoying little weed himself) up so much in an IPL game that Singh gave him a slap in the face.

Cute lovable Sreesanth says he simply loves to show his emotions.

“I’m a very real person, not an actor,” he says.

“Maybe I could become a good actor. Though I am spiritual, I’m not sentimental.” Yeah got that Sreesanth but I thought you said you were not an actor. Now you are saying you could become a good actor.

But wait there is more. “I was national break dance champion when I was in the eighth grade,” he says. “I don’t really get time to dance now. I gave up dance for cricket”. That is not what Andre says.

For the record Australia got thumped, but Newswarped thinks that Sreesanth is the real loser.

Ponting thinks Sreesanth is calling him a loser. Maybe Sreesanth is just choosing which finger to pick his nose with?


  1. Fire Dragon says

    This indian bowler is all crap, he has such a weird attitude that he many a times doesn’t realize what he should be doing. Just a GAS POT. he should be expelled from the country and sent to some other planet.

  2. Griff, you have lived up to the name of the website. Your article was truly warped, so typical of your national team. Ponting clearly deserved it and Sree for once did the right thing this time in kicking the aussies butt. You could see Australia clearly bonked out of the match. In fact they are not even in a position to compete in the world cup. Losers for sure.

    • Thanks the comments Grifnut. The Aussies got their butt kicked big time by South Africa too I see. I see the rest of the world hasn’t got tired of putting the bot intothe aussies after years of having their noses rubbed in it by shy chaps like Warne and McGrath. You are being brave writing them off though. When it comes to the quarter-finals there is a good chance they will rise to the occassion. They probably won’t go all the way though because they lack any world class spin bowlers. I am picking Pakistan as a good bet. They have a well balanced side and a chip on their shoulder about getting shut out of the IPL.