May 24, 2019

Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo going to the croc’s

Crikey!! this would not have happened if the enthusiastic one was still around.

Australia Zoo, the internationally renowned Queensland wildlife park made famous by the late Steve Irwin is allegedly in deep financial trouble and in danger of going to the croc’s.

The Zoo started by Steve Irwin’s father Bob in 1970 has laid off 22 staff last month, blaming a falling tourism numbers caused by the recent floods and the global financial crisis.

The zoo was at its peak prior to Steve Irwin – The Crocodile Hunters death in 2006. At the time it was employing 550 staff and hosted a million visitors a year.

Three years ago, Bob Irwin departed in a blaze of publicity, reportedly unhappy about what he saw as Steve’s wife, Terri Irwin’s over-commercialisation of the zoo.

Former zoo curator, Bruce Murdock claims “They have blown millions on poor planning and poor execution. Steve had a lot of dreams, but they were massive dreams that only he could fund. They are trying to do it on the back of Bindi [Steve’s daughter] and Terri, but I don’t think they can support it.”

Murdock claims that the zoo was finding it hard to develop beyond the Steve Irwin “One man brand.”

As part of cost cutting measures, dozens of staff have been forced to job-share or take unpaid leave.

An Australia Zoo spokesperson said that, like other Queensland tourism destinations, the wildlife park had been affected by the floods and other recent extreme weather.

“In response to this, we have conducted an extensive and thorough review of the business and our operations, exploring all other avenues of cost savings right across the business.”

Newswarped wishes Australia Zoo all the best in their efforts to crawl out from under their debt burden.