June 24, 2019

Student Facebook army marches again to help Christchurch earthquake victims

Canterbury Students do it again and come to the rescue of Christchurch

A 10,000-strong army of student volunteers has been mobilised through social networking website Facebook to help those suffering following Tuesday’s devastating earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Sam Johnson, the super dude who helped organise the original student army that helped with the clean-up after the 4 September 2010 earthquake says “We are working closely with Civil Defence in this operation. At this very early stage we are focusing on helping everyday people in their homes in low risk areas with non-life threatening situations.”

The volunteers planning to meet at the University of Canterbury Students Association Friday morning before shipping out to dozens of sites across the city “to roll up their sleeves and help out”.

Louis Brown, from Te Waipounamu Foundation, which has joined forces with the volunteer army, said Christchurch had been brought to its knees.

“It is our job to support Civil Defence the best we can and provide suitable opportunities for those who want to help. It could be lifting shelves off beds for elderly or clearing garages of silt and muck, whatever we can do to help.”

Newswarped is excited about the students coming to the aid of Christchurch once again in it’s hour of need. Young people often get a bad wrap from ‘decent’ society for being binge drinking, dangerous drivers.

In reality they are mostly fun, intelligent and caring (most of the time).