May 24, 2019

Tunisia wants Ben Ali extradited from Saudi Arabia

No I do not dye the gray out of my hair, and this is not a nazi salute. The weather is very nice in Saudi Arabia. Any more questions?

Tunisia is formally asking for the extradition of ex-President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali from Saudi Arabia, where he fled to on 14 January after a peoples revolution.

Newswarped is confused that after a wave of protests that removed Mr Ben Ali after 23 years of authoritarian rule, they turn around a few weeks later and are asking for him back.

Perhaps it is not so much Mr Ben Ali that they want back, just the millions he took out of the country with him. Exile in Saudi Arabia doesn’t come cheap.

Like all good mafia Godfathers and ex-dictators, when it comes time to pay the piper in this life they claim it is too late because they are too ill. The 74-year-old former leader is reportedly very ill in hospital after suffering a stroke. Yeah Right?

Tunisia now has an interim government which is preparing the country for national elections.

The interim government wants to put Mr Ben Ali on trial on charges linked to the deaths of protesters during the uprising against his rule.

A statement from the foreign ministry in Tunis accused the former leader of involvement in “serious crimes” aimed at “sowing discord between the citizens of the same country by pushing them to kill one another.”

Newswarped wishes the people of Tunisia all the best in their struggle for better human rights and a more open society. We don’t rate your chances of getting Ben Ali back. Saudi Arabia has a history of not giving up it’s dictators.