August 22, 2019

Website crashes as fans scramble for Cricket World Cup Final tickets

Organisers of the Cricket World Cup are under fire from fans in India after only 1000 tickets for the final in Mumbai on 2 April were put on sale on the official ticketing website.

The website crashed as soon as the tickets came available, with an error message greeting angry cricket fans.

There is already considerable anger in India over the choice of Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai for the final. It has a capacity of only 33,000 people and Stadiums such as Eden Gardens in Kolkata, with a 65,000 capacity, have been overlooked.

Due to contractual obligations (which means dodgy deals between mates to get rich) 20,000 tickets were required to go to clubs linked to the Mumbai Cricket Association and 8500 to the International Cricket Council, according to tournament director Ratnakar Shetty.

Only 4000 tickets in total will be available to ordinary cricket fans.

Kyazoonga says in a statement “We understand your frustration and feel your pain. We are working non-stop to get you the tickets you need. Rest assured, not a single ticket that was meant for sale has been sold yet.”

Newswarped thinks Kyazoonga should be grateful they can hide behind the internet otherwise they would be feeling physical pain as well as mental pain.

“From the outset it was always going to be near impossible to satisfy the enormous demand for tickets,” said ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat. Yeah mate so you decided that it was best to give most of the tickets to a selected few and leave the fans out in the cold.