May 19, 2019

Zahra Baker murder – Stepmother charged

Elisa Baker the stepmother of Australian girl Zahra Baker has been charged with the 10-year-old’s murder.

North Carolina police have indicted Elisa Baker on second degree murder charges. They believe Zahra, a cancer survivor who had a prosthetic leg and wore hearing aids, probably died up to two weeks before she was reported missing.

Elisa Baker is already in prison for obstructing justice after admitting forging a ransom note that was pinned to the family’s car.

Her husband and Zahra’s father Adam Baker has denied any involvement in the murder and dismemberment of Zahra, but has been charged along with his wife over a whole lot of other stuff including fraud.

Newswarped hopes that justice is done over Zahra’s murder. Certainly the charges of muder and abuse brought against Elisa Baker do nothing to dispel the enduring myth of the wicked stepmother.


  1. Denise Bradford says:

    I think they should take Zahra Baker’s prosthetic leg and beat her stepmother and father to death with it and send these two Demons straight to Hell to spend an eternity with the Devil.