August 22, 2019

92 year old lady shoots at neighbour for refusing kiss

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Never too old to have a mugshot.

A 92-year-old Florida woman has been arrested by US police for firing shots at a neighbour who refused to kiss her.

It seems love and obsession are not only the domain of the young. Helen Staudinger became obsessed with 53 year old neighbour Dwight Bettner.

In the past she is alleged to have threatened to shoot him when Bettner told her he had a girlfriend.

On the day in question, Staudinger visited Bettner and wanted him to kiss her. When he refused she went home and got her semi-automatic pistol and fired four rounds into Bettners house, one of which shattered a window. No one was hurt.

US Police have remanded Staudinger to Marion County Jail and charged her with aggravated assault and shooting into a dwelling.

Newswarped is a little concerned that Bettner is still allowed to have a gun despite missing a few of her marbles. I guess that is gun control in America. We wouldn’t want to interfere with her constitutional right to take pot shots at her neighbour.

Newswarped would also like to suggest that if Staudinger was 22 not 92 then she might have had a lot better chance of a snog from our boy next door, Dwight.