August 26, 2019

Aircraft Carrier for sale online – Aircraft not included

A must have for the discerning billionaire who wants to land his Lear Jet on his yacht.

The British aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal has been put up for sale on the Ministry of Defence’s auction website

Interested bidders are being invited to view Ark Royal at her home port, Portsmouth Naval Base, on 3 and 4 May, and final bids in by 13th June 2011.

Before they can attend, they must submit an outline of their “intentions regarding the vessel” to the Ministry of Defence.

The Royal Navy’s former flagship was decommissioned two weeks ago after 25 years in service as part of the government’s defence budget review. Suggestons have been made that include turning it into a night club, and accommodation for the London Olympics.

Fellow aircraft carrier HMS Invincible, which saw action during the Falklands War, was towed away last week to a scrapyard in Turkey.

This form of ‘resettlement in the east’ for Royal Navy vessels is gathering momentum.

HMS Ark Royal’s was the flag ship in UK naval operations in the invasion of Iraq.

The Ark Royal is the fifth Royal Navy vessel to carry the name in a lineage dating back over 400 years to the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

If anyone out there is wanting to start their own navy, the Ministry of Defence is also selling three Type-42 destroyers – HMS Exeter, HMS Southampton and HMS Nottingham. A lovely set, and the perfect ensemble to a massive aircraft carrier.

The decision to bring forward Ark Royal’s decommissioning by several years has been criticised because it leaves the Navy without the capacity to launch fixed-wing aircraft until replacements come into service at the end of the decade.

Newswarped wonders if the Royal Navy is imposing its own no-fly zone on itself for a large chunk of the globe. I guess if the UK keeps sucking up the the United States then they will cover the aircraft carrier stuff for a few years. The American taxpayers might not be so excited though.