May 24, 2019

Airport Manager sacked for “Admiring” staff members equipment

Oh darling this is soooo naughty - I hope no one is watching us.

A manager at Wellington Airport, New Zealand was sacked after taking part in “sexual activity” with a staff member in the workplace.

Dieter Ravnjak had worked at the airport for 20 years, but a camera installed in the airports emergency operations centre caught him enthusiatically “groping” a female staff member.

Three months of film showed Mr Ravnjak had been in the emergency room for 14 hours in total, sometimes for up to half an hour.

Mr Ravnjak spent most of his time in the room watching television, drinking coffee and talking to the female staff member, who reported to him.

But on two of the occasions the pair went into a separate locked room, out of shot from the camera.

Mr Ravnjak, giving evidence at the Employement Relations Authority hearing for his case, denied that anything of a “sexual nature” occurred in that room.”

Authority member Greg Wood said that Mr Ravnjak gave evidence that he had been “admiring” the emergency equipment.

Newswarped is totally convinced by that argument. Of course if you end up giving a full body massage to a lady with her clothes on, it is only logical that you suggest – “Hey this is really great, but why don’t we go into the store room and admire the emergency equipment instead”. This guy should have been on OJ’s defence team.

The only problem for Dieter, and his compelling evidence, is that Wellington Airport management told the authority that the woman had already admitted having a sexual relationship with Mr Ravnjak in the emergency room. Yes a Cluedo moment – Mr Ravnyak, in the emergency room, with a lead pipe.

Management also claimed that he had been told not to enter the emergency management room, which was controlled by a security keypad and contained civil defence equipment and police radios. Serious stuff that – entering an emergency room.

Senior airport managers (more senior than Dieter) held formal disciplinary meetings in December last year and ruled Mr Ravnjak was guilty of gross misconduct and dismissed him.

Mr Ravnjak told his employers that he had an excellent employment record but had let everyone down over the previous three months and that the guy in the emergency room was “not the real me”. Who was it Dieter? Charlie Sheen?

He volunteered for monitoring and counselling and offered his employer reparation for his time wasting. That is hardly going to impress his lady friend to have him describe their relationship as “time wasting”.

Mr Ravnjak went to the Employment Relations Authority seeking reinstatement but got no joy. Newswarped wonders if they told him to go and take a cold shower.

Mr Ravnjaks parting shot was to claim that management had never told him he could not enter the emergency room.

Newswarped can picture him being dragged screaming from the court – “I might have shagged her rotten, but you never told me I couldn’t go in that room”.

At least Dieter can claim to be a member of the ’30m high’ club, the lesser known cousin of the ‘mile high club’.