September 23, 2019

Australian Survivor contestant charged with Attempted Murder

Joel did not give Samantha many reasons to smile towards the end of their relationship. Joel failed to understand that a bread knife is not an effective tool for relationship reconciliation.

Joel Betts, the guy who came third in the Australian Survivor TV series has been ordered to stand trial next week for the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend Samantha Holland.

The police allege that on April 17 last year, when Samantha Holland returned to the apartment they once shared to collect her belongings, that Betts stabbed her repeatedly in the back with a knife, before cutting his wrists and stabbing himself in the neck.

Police documents say Betts, 31, was desperate to restart his relationship with Ms Holland, 24.

Ms Holland’s brother was waiting outside the apartment building. It is alleged that Betts sent him a text message from Samantha’s mobile phone saying “We’re looking like staying together. For now at least. I’ll call you soon.” He also allegedly sent a text to her mother that said ”Mum, I love you.”

Police found a note in the kitchen which said ”You know I love you, but I hate you because I could never replace you.”

Police said Samantha persuaded him to relinquish the knife by saying if he wanted them to die together ”in the Romeo and Juliet love scenario that he had in mind … he should give the knife to me.”

Betts abliged and Holland stabbed him in the stomach and ran. Climbing over the third floor balcony, she slipped but fell only as far as the second floor balcony of the apartment below.

Joel Betts has been ordered to stand trial in Sydney, New South Wales, charged with wounding Ms Holland with intent to murder, wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and detaining her for advantage.

Newswarped acknowledges that sometimes women can drive men crazy, but there is never any excuse that allows violence of any kind against them.

Joel Betts will face a court with very little sympathy for him. Obsession is a dangerous thing. Joel if you wanted to end it all, then that is your business, but seriously harming someone else means you should get the book thrown at you sunshine.

Samantha Holland and Joel Betts in happier times before Joel invited the bread knife into their relationship.