August 19, 2019

Ayoub, Elias and Tandy charged over NRL betting scandal

Friends? Yeah I have got lots of friends, they are just not with me right now. Whatever you say Sam.

High profile rugby league player-manager Sam Ayoub and former player John Elias have been charged with “attempting to defraud a number of betting agencies”.

The charges stem from the ongoing investigation by Strike Force Suburb detectives from the Firearms and Organised Crime Squad’s Casino and Racing Investigation Unit that was established to investigate the betting scam committed around the Cowboys and Bulldogs game in Townsville last August.

Newswarped says the scam has happened (not alleged) because the evidence in the public domain so far is overwhelming that an illegal betting scam happened over the first scoring play. All that remains to be seen is how many of the supporting cast the police can round up.

A greedy manager like Ayoub and a scumbag former player like Elias with criminal tendencies, needed help to pull something like this off. It doesn’t take a masters degree to work out that players on the field are needed.

Unfortunately for Ayoub and Elias it looks like they didn’t pick the brightest of support crews. Someone obviously couldn’t keep their trap shut.

The only player in the gun at the moment is Bulldogs captain Ryan Tandy who conceded the penalty by going to sleep on Grant Rovelli in front of the posts. Tandy had a few more charges added to his rap sheet today about giving false evidence.

Elias was arrested this morning and taken to Bankstown police station and later charged along with Ayoub, with “attempting to defraud a number of betting agencies.”

Detective Superintendent Arthur Katsogiannis told reporters “We will be alleging these individuals dishonestly placed bets on the NRL game between the Canterbury Bulldogs and North Queensland Cowboys on the 21st of August, 2010, in the knowledge that the outcome of the game had been pre-determined.”

The plunge on the first scoring play did not come off, after the Cowboys chose not to take an easy shot at penalty goal and took a quick tap and scored a try instead.

Superintendent Katsogiannis said the investigation was ongoing, adding: “There is still work to be done and we urge anyone with information to come forward and contact investigators.”

He said “there is still information coming to hand and we are sifting through that information, and what we can verify from that will determine whether there will be further charges”.

Newswarped hopes that the police get to the bottom of this scam and if individuals are found guilty then they should have the book thrown at them, along with the table and chairs.

To drag a great game through the mud for your own greed is as greater crime as the match fixing.