May 19, 2019

Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream seized by Council

Baby Gaga Ice Cream - It is seized and sold out but right now it is the most famous ice cream on the planet.

Baby Gaga ice cream made from breast milk has been seized from the Icecreamists ice cream parlour in Covent Garden, London.

Westminster Council officers have removed the removed the product following complaints from some members of the public, and after concerns were raised by the Health Protection Agency and Food Standards Agency.

All these compliance agencies? That provides a lot of job opportunities for anally retentive individuals who can’t get employment in normal society.

The Council say they want to make sure it is “fit for human consumption”.

Icecreamist restaurant owner Matt O’Connor hit back saying that the donors were medically screened and the milk mixture was pasteurised.

Really Matt is not that bothered because the free publicity he has received in the UK and around the world is huge.

Baby Gaga just might be the next big underground illicit product to hit the black market.

The Baby Gaga ice cream was manufactured with donations of breast milk from mothers like Victoria Hiley, who were paid for their produce. Much was made of the ‘free range’ nature of the product.

At £14 a serving which includes a classic rusk and optional shot of Calpol or Bonjela, this is not a cheap treat.

Westminster Councillor Brian Connell said: “Selling foodstuffs made from another person’s bodily fluids can lead to viruses being passed on and, in this case, potentially hepatitis.” Ick, nice one Brian, we are not going to get you to design the next Baby Gaga promotional campaign if it gets the green light from the party poopers.

Matt O’Connor is still fashionably outraged saying “You can buy alcohol and tobacco but not breast milk in Westminster.”

“If Westminster bans this then I am going to begin a protest with mums who have already shown support.” That’s right Matt. You and the mums could ‘express’ your disapproval.