July 17, 2019

Bank teller murders customer after stealing $126,000

Not a great customer experience for one NAB customer. The recruiter who hired this bunny boiler will be taking a good long look in the mirror.

A Bank teller has admitted to befriending a wealthy elderly customer, stealing $115,000 from her account and killing her the next day.

Kaycee Udele Henzon, 27, had only been employed at the National Australia Bank, Carlingford branch, Sydney for three months. In that time she managed to steal $11,000 from a young couples account that she used to buy a new car, and $125,000 from Nancy Brayshaw.

Henzon befriended Brayshaw, 72, murdered her and concocted an elaborate story of home invasion to explain the killing on 19th November 2009.

Henzon said she was visiting Miss Brayshaw when two men – one wearing an opera mask, the other a clown’s mask framed by orange hair – forced their way inside the house and violently assaulted the two women.

She told police the intruders sexually assaulted her before wrapping a towel around her face and neck, leaving her unconscious. When she awoke hours later, she fled and called police.

A university student who rented a room from Miss Brayshaw later discovered his landlady’s body in her bedroom.

An autopsy revealed the cause of death to be ”consistent with strangulation, suffocation or smothering”.

Police investigated Henzon and discovered she had been stolen $15,000 from Miss Brayshaws account on one occassion, later withdrawing $99,999 from the woman’s account, on the day before she was murdered.

When questioned about the transaction, Henzon said Miss Brayshaw had offered to pay her $150,000 to marry a man who lived in Hong Kong so he could get Australian citizenship.

Investigators said a search of the Cooke Way home found no signs of a struggle or ransacking. And a witness described a woman matching Henzon’s appearance calmly leaving the house during the afternoon.

Henzon was arrested on 10th December 2009, and yesterday in Central Local Court, she pleaded guilty to murder, four fraud offences and one of dealing in the proceeds of crime. She will be sentenced in the Supreme Court on May 6.

Newswarped thinks that reality is not something that Kaycee Henzon too familair with. It is a tragedy that an innocent lady was caught up in Henzons fantasy world and murdered.