September 23, 2019

Defiant Keneally launches Labor campaign

Keneally is winning everywhere but in the polls.

New South Wales Premier Kristina Keneally launched Labors campaign at the Western Suburbs League Club yesterday.

Keneally was flawless in presentation and content but the wiff of death still hangs over her party. Before 300 of the Labor faithful, Keneally was defiant proclaiming ”I’m going to fight in this election and I’m going to fight for what matters to NSW families.”

It seems that ‘fight’ was the order of the day. Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, obliged with an introduction saying that Keneally was a ”fighter” who would ”give nothing away”.

Newswarped understands now why Labor seems destined for defeat. For politicians elections are all about giving stuff away – taxcuts, infrastructure spending etc.

If Kristina is not “giving nothing away” then it is no wonder that the NSW voters feel like they are at the lolly scramble but only a handful of boiled sweets are being hiffed in their direction.

Rallying the faithful into a frenzied ovation, Keneally proclaimed ”Our job is to fight … every minute of every day until the close of polls on March 26.”

Far out Kristina with all this fighting and defiance you might be better shipping out to Libya and taking on Gaddafi. Suburban Sydney doesn’t really match the rhetoric.