May 22, 2019

Gaddafi’s ‘nurse’ Kolotnytska, flees Libya to Ukraine

Galyna Kolotnytska - I am happy to die with Gaddafi but the world really needs my nursing skills.

Galyna Kolotnytska, the Ukrainian nurse who has been Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s constant companion for nine years has fled Libya and returned home to Kiev.

Kolotnytska was overheard on her flight from Tripoli, calling Gaddafi “Papa,” saying “Papa is good, Papa is forever. Gaddafi will win, in a month and a half to two months, we will be going back there.”

Newswarped thinks that Galyna has been listening to Gaddafi’s assessment of the situation too much. Maybe that she is now back in Kiev she might like to turn on the TV and see for herself that there is indeed unrest in the streets.

Kolotnytska’s apartment is now being laid under seige by journalists who are eager for some photos of Gaddafi’s famous “voluptuous blonde” companion.

Having journalists pestering her will be a new experience for Galyna, as such things did not happen in Libya. “Oh Muammar,I don’t like the way that guy is looking at me. Please can you have him arrested my darling Papa?’

Kolotnytska arrived in Kiev in the early hours of Sunday by plane, along with other Ukrainians who were evacuated from the unrest in Libya, and was immediately hurried by relatives into a car and taken home.

Ukrainian daily Komsomolskaya Pravda on Monday said it had managed to speak to her mother Iryna, who after telling its reporter to “go to hell” also said Galyna had no intention of returning to Libya.

“You have slandered and tarnished the reputation of my daughter by saying that she was some kind of lover of Gaddafi. I’ll just tell you one thing: Galya will not return to Libya again!” That is right Iryna, Gaddafi was only interested in her nursing skills.

Wikileaks published diplomatic cables last year with documents to United Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stating that Gaddafi had a “rumoured staff of four Ukrainian nurses that cater to the Leader’s health and well-being.” It added that Gaddafi “cannot travel without Kolotnytska, as she alone ‘knows his routine.”

Well by the looks of it Gaddafi is not travelling anywhere at the moment because no one wants him to visit, so Kolotnytska is not required.

The only place he is likely to be travelling too is the after life and Kolotnytska has made it clear with her departure that is one journey she is not preparred to accompany Gaddafi on.