July 19, 2019

Haiti ex-leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide returns home

i am telling you it is pure coincidence that I am turning up back in Haiti two days before the Presidential Elections.

Former Haiti leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide has left behind seven years of exile in South Africa to return to home.

He is expected in Port-au-Prince early on Friday, which is only two days out form the presidential elections.

Mr Aristide, was a left-wing leader who was forced to flee in 2004 as a result of civil unrest. He has said he will not have any active role in politics.

His lawyer says Aristide wanted to return quickly in case the winner of Sunday’s election reversed the decision to allow him back into Haiti.

United States National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor says
“President Aristide’s return to Haiti in the closing days of the election could be destabilising.” and the US was “deeply concerned that his return could destabilise the country”.

Newswarped wonders if the US is ever ‘shallowly concerned’ about anything or is it only ‘Deeply’ they deal in?

Another former leader, Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, also recently returned to the country. So it is becoming quite a reunion of former leaders.

Former First Lady Mirlande Manigat and the pop star Michel Martelly, known as Sweet Micky, face each other in the final round of voting in the presidential election.

The new president will face multiple problems with the country still struggling to rebuild after last year’s devastating earthquake and Cholera epidemic.