January 21, 2019

Harrigan admits NZ Warriors robbed of try

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest referee of all? You don't have to be 100% certain, just be decisive.

NRL referees boss Bill Harrigan has conceded junior referee Alan Shorthall got it wrong when ruled Tigers centre Blake Ayshford grounded the ball in his in-goal area in Saturday nights match with the New Zealand Warriors.

Replays showed that Warriors foward Feleti Mateo had in fact scored a try after Ayshford had missed the ball in the 14th minute of a close match that the Warriors went on to lose 20-12.

“He’s got it wrong, he didn’t ground it,” Harrigan said.

“But I go back to my instructions to them first off, refereeing is all about confidence and confidence is making decisions.

“So if you put yourself in the perfect position and you’re a hundred per cent certain it’s a try or a no try, make the decision.”

Excellent advice Bill, but it only works if you have a guy refereeing who is not delusional about what he see’s.

Warriors fans have got used to referee bias in away matches over the years. The difference with this is that it was just imcompetence rather than outside influences such as the crowd and club predjudices.

Harrigan said Shorthall would still be asked to explain how he came to his decision.

“I’ll be saying to the referee, ‘Mate, what were your thoughts?’,” Harrigan added.

“And obviously he’s going to say to me, ‘I was a hundred per cent certain Bill’.

“And I’m going to say, ‘Good, you’ve made the decision, it was wrong, we’ve got to live it’.

“But I applaud him for being in the right spot and making the decision.”

“When you make decisions inevitably you’re going to come up with a wrong one.

“We all do that.”

No we don’t Bill. If you know what your ref is going to say when questioned about a glaring error then there is obviously no point in holding referee’s accountable . You are the sole judge and you oviously feel you are 100% right so you made the call.

Idiots like George W Bush thought they were 100% right as well. Just because they thought they thought they were right doesn’t mean they actually are.

Harrigan said senior referee Tony Archer was “not in a position to have questioned Shorthall’s call and it remained uncertain whether Mateo had grounded the ball before the dead ball line.”

Sorry, Bill but Warriors fans would rather that Tony Archer was in charge of the whole field and not just half of it.

Then Bill had the cheek to go on and say that because Shorthall didn’t go to pieces after he realised he had made a cock-up then ” … That tells me that he’s a competent first grade referee.” Bill the only thing bigger than Shorthalls mistake is your ego.