September 23, 2019

Heart Attack Grill spokesman dead at 29

We couldn't fit Blair River in the Photo, so here is one of the nurses instead.

Blair River the famous spokesman for The Heart Attack Grill Restaurant in Chandler Arizona has died at the age of 29.

The 260.8 kilo, 2 metre tall giant man who was a former Arizona State wrestling champion earned fame as the frontman for promotional videos for the high calorie hang out.

There is no conformation yet on what killed River, but the Heart Attack Grill website is saying it was possibly pneumonia. The last thing they are going to say is that it was a heart attack.

Restaurant founder Jon Basso said River was a creative genius who had been planning to take part in the shooting of a promotional spot called “Heart Attack Grill: The Musical”.

The heart Attack Grill is known for its hospital theme and triple and quadruple bypass burgers, plus the ‘flatliner fries’.

Blair River - A big man promoting big burgers

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