June 27, 2019

Hollywood legend Jane Russell dies

Ok so I don't look happy. You try sitting in an itchy haystack wearing nothing much.

Hollywood legend and famous sex symbol Jane Russell has died in California, aged 89 from a respiratory related illness.

The actress was ‘discovered’ by billionaire Howard Hughes, who cast her in his 1941 film, The Outlaw.

Russell also appeared in The Paleface (1948) with Bob Hope and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) with Marilyn Monroe.

Russell was married three times and adopted three children.

After experiencing problems during the adoption process, she founded World Adoption International Agency, which has helped organise the adoptions in the US of tens of thousands of children from overseas.

Unlike many of the wild starlets of her era, Russell at the height of her career, started the “Hollywood Christian Group”, a weekly Bible study at her home which was arranged for Christians in the film industry.