April 20, 2019

Israel launches air strikes against Gaza

Another fine example of a Hamas building in the random style by IDF Architects Ltd.

Israel has launches air strikes against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip which Palestinian medics sayhave injured 17 people.

The attack was in retaliation the weekends rocket and mortar barrage into southern Israel by Palestinian militants. The barrage was the heaviest attack on Israel in two years.

There were reports of at least nine explosions in Gaza City, as well as to the north and south. Of special interest was Hamas training camps, a workshop and a cement factory. Odd choice of target that a cement factory.

The casualty count in Gaza was low because many of the Hamas government buildings had been evacuated in advance.

Strangely enough the air strikes on Gaza were also the heaviest in two years. There seems to be a pattern forming here. It is the standard Middle-East – ‘an eye for an eye’, the bedrock policy of all interacial interaction for decades in this part of the world.