May 24, 2019

Japan Tsunami-Earthquake death toll and missing keeps rising

The triple tragedy in Japan is testing the character of a nation. So far they are coming up trumps.

Japan’s national police say 8,649 people are confirmed dead after a 9.0-magnitude earthquake and devastating tsunami on March 11 destroyed entire towns.

The number of missing is officially 13,262 people, with police admitting that at least half that number will be confirmed dead.

There are an estimated 380,000 people still living in 2,200 temporary settlements across Japan. With the scale of devastation it is expected that many of these temporary shelters will become semi-permanent homes.

With many of the worst hit towns having their whole infrastructure wiped out, it is not just a matter of rebuilding homes and businesses. The whole water, sewerage and electricity networks will need to be reconstructed before such luxuries as internet connections and cable/satellite TV are worried about.

The World Bank estimates that it will take at least five years to rebuild the earthquake and tsunami damaged areas costing around US$235 billion.

The positive news on Sunday of a grandmother and her grandson rescued in Ishinokmaki after nine days trapped in the wreckage of their home looks like being one of the last good news stories to come out of this disaster.

The notice boards filled with photos and notes looking for missing relatives are taking on more of a memorial feel rather than a genuine hope of discovering lost loved ones.