June 25, 2019

Kim Duthie apologises to St Kilda players in nude photo scandal

After months of mouthing off Kim Duthie has decided to apologise. Better late than never.

Kim Duthie has finally apologised to St Kilda AFL stars Nick Riewoldt, Nick Dal Santo and Zac Dawson, for releasing nude photos via Facebook last year.

Kim Duthie appears on YouTube reading a statement saying she “could not imagine the grief she has caused the players”.

She said that, after her TV appearance on 60 Minutes, when she apologised to player Sam Gilbert, she realised she owed apologies to the other three St Kilda players caught up in the controversy.

Sounding very unlike herself, Kim went on to say “I would like to formally apologise to the above players for releasing photographs of them which I did not take, nor did I have permission to publish.”

This was sounding more like it was written by a lawyer or publicist. It certainly was nothing like the freewheeling rants that Kim normally posts on YouTube.

Maybe she is growing up? Maybe she has finally realised that she is not the only person in the universe? Or more cynically, maybe she is eyeing some comercial venture and needs to move away from the image of one of the most hated teenagers in Australia.

The world still waits for Ricky Nixon to learn his fate on Thursday, and maybe explain just what is the nature of his “inappropriate” relationship with Duthie. Nixon must surely be a finalist for the dumbest Aussie of the year.