April 20, 2019

Libya leader Gaddafi claims “all my people love me”

I am beautiful like a movie star. My people love me and want to kiss my handsome face. Even that Hillary, she want to kiss me big time.

Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has claimed that “all my people love me” and still continues to deny there are protests going on in Tripoli.

In the interview with the BBC, Gaddafi says he felt “betrayed by the world leaders who had urged him to quit.” His people he said “would die to protect him.” Think it might be the the other way around somehow.

US ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice (no relation to Condie) said Gaddafi’s words showed that he was “delusional” and “unfit to lead”.

Colonel Gaddafi accused Western countries of “abandoning Libya” and said that they had “no morals” and “wanted to colonise the country”. Now he is starting to sound like Robert Mugabe.

Gaddafi said true Libyans had not demonstrated (but the other 6.29 million had?) but those who had come on to the streets were “under the influence of drugs supplied by al-Qaeda.” George W Bush quotes again. Doesn’t Muammar have anything original to say?

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused Colonel Gaddafi and his followers of using “mercenaries and thugs” to attack unarmed civilians, and of “executing soldiers who refused to turn their guns on fellow citizens.” Newswarped thinks that nobody does emotive propaganda better than the US Governement.

“It is time for Gaddafi to go, now, without further violence or delay,” she said. Thats it Hillary keep the message simple and keep repeating it.

Hillary Clinton said that although US naval vessels were being repositioned near Libya there was no military action pending. “They are just going to caress the missile firing buttons not press them” Hillary said. No must confess that should have read ‘newswarped said’.

US President Barack Obama met UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the White House on Monday and both expressed concern at the rising violence and called for a legitimately elected president. No they are not talking about Bahrain – that is a US ally. They are talking about Libya.

On a lighter note, reporters say there have been long queues at banks in Tripoli as people try to collect the 500 dinars promised to all families by the government in an attempt to stop the protests.