September 23, 2019

Libyan Jet shot down over Benghazi

The last moments of a Libyan jet fighter as it drops into Benghazi for a visit.

A Libyan fighter jet has been shot down over Benghazi and explosions have been heard in the city.

Despite the Libyan government declaring a cease fire in response to the United Nations no-fly vote on Friday, it appears that Colonel Gaddafi’s forces are carrying on their offensive to recapture the eastern section of the country.

It is not clear at this stage, who shot the jet down, but it does not appear that it was the result of French or British fire.

The rebels say they are under attack from pro-Gaddafi forces, but the government denies the claims. So what was the jet fighter doing? Sightseeing?

United Kingdom, France, The United States and the Arab nations are due to meet in Paris shortly to discuss the military strategy for enforcing the UN no-fly resolution.

The UN backed forces are authorised to take “all necessary measures” to protect Libyan civilians.

US President Barack Obama who has started to talk rather tough lately said “forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Ghaddafi must stop attacking rebel areas or face military action”.

“Gaddafi must stop his troops from advancing on Benghazi, pull them back from Ajdabiya, Misrata and Zawiya and establish water, electricity and gas supplies to all areas.”

Benghazi residents were woken up at 0530 by sounds of what the rebels say was a bombardment of city. THe jet fighter came down around 0900.

It would seem that Col Gaddafi’s announcement of a ceasefire has been completely ignored by his troops.