September 23, 2019

NRL Betting Scandal: Aussie police looking for NZ woman on CCTV footage

The mystery woman who might hld the key to cracking the NRL betting scandal case.

Australian police investigating the NRL betting scandal involving the Canterbury Bulldogs and North Queensland Cowboys game in August last year have released a CCTV image of a woman seen in Auckland they want to talk to.

They hope that by publishing the photo the woman can be indentified and interviewed by detectives.

They now want to talk to a woman seen in CCVT footage betting at a TAB in Brown’s Bay, Auckland, between 4.50pm and 5.15pm on Friday August 20. The same woman was back at the bookies at 5.35pm a day later.

The lady is described as aged in her 20s, of slim build with shoulder-length dark hair, and was wearing jeans, a dark hoodie and carrying a large red handbag, and on the first visit was pushing a small boy in a pram.

The spot-fixing scandal has led to charges against a Bulldogs player, Ryan Tandy, leading player-agent Sam Ayoub and former NRL shady dude John Elias.

Police are not suggesting the woman has done anything illegal but want to trace her and talk to her and have appealed for the public to contact them.

The woman was wanting to place a large bet on the game in question for a first score being a penalty goal. She was unfamiliar with how to place a bet and had to be helped by staff.

The TAB says the first scoring option is a low-key novelty bet. To have a larger sum put on it and especially for a penalty goal was highly unusual.

Basically someone has tipped the woman off about the set-up and the police would like to speak to her to her so she can tell them who told her to place the bet.

The images are clear so there is every chance the police will get their wish within days.

Newswarped is still amazed at the relativley low level of publicity this investigation is getting in the mainstream media in Australia. Of course it has nothing to do with a large chunk of the media in Aussie ‘owning’ the NRL.

A montage of shots of the woman who thought out of the blue that a bet on a penalty goal being the first scoring option was a sure thing.