May 19, 2019

NRL Betting Scandal – Do you know these men?

Nothing like a good scandal to take the gloss off the season launch eh Dave?

The NRL Betting Scandal investigation has taken another twist today with the Police releasing photos of four men who placed bets on a penalty being a the first score in the Cowboys v Bulldogs in August last year.

Sam Ayoub and John Elias were arrested yesterday and charged with match fixing along with Ryan Tandy who had some more charges of lying to police added to his rap sheet.

NRL CEO David Gallop has said that the arrested were ”a seriously alarming development” and ”Anyone who is found to be involved in fixing a game or an element of a game is going to find themselves charged by the police, and their place in the game, I would say, would disappear. Life bans have got to be on the cards for that sort of thing”.

The police have released the following details and photos.

The men were all captured on CCTV placing bets on Friday August 20 in three betting facilities at Beaconsfield, Ashfield and Townsville, in Queensland, police said.

The first man is seen placing a bet on Botany Road, Beaconsfield, between 11am and 11.20am. He is described as being of Middle Eastern/ Mediterranean appearance, of slim build, with short black hair, aged in his late twenties, and wearing a dark suit, light shirt and black shoes.

The Botany Road Dude

The second man is seen placing a bet on Liverpool Road, Ashfield, between 5.20pm and 5.36pm. He is described as being of white/European appearance, of medium/solid build, with grey hair, aged in his late forties to early fifties, and wearing a dark long sleeved shirt, black shorts and glasses.

The Liverpool Road Chap

The third and fourth men are seen placing bets at a hotel on Sturt Street in Townsville, between 4.16pm and 4.22pm. One is described as being of white/European appearance, of muscular build, with a beard/goatee, aged in his twenties, and wearing a yellow polo-style shirt, black baseball cap with a motif on the front. The other is described as being white/ European appearance, of slim build, with short brown hair, aged in his twenties and wearing a black t-shirt with a large motif on the front.

Dumb and Dumber at Sturt Street.

DO YOU KNOW ANY OF THESE MEN? Anyone with information about the people is urged to contact detectives via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

The sooner all the scumbags who have hurt the game of rugby league are rounded up the better.