September 23, 2019

NRL – Four player agents to be banned

Player agent corruption? Makes a refreshing change from betting scandals doesn't it?

The NRL has asked four high profile player agents to explain why they shouldn’t be banned over their involvement in the Melbourne Storm salary cap scandal that blew up last season.

The agents; David Riolo, George Mimis, Isaac Moses and Alan Gainey have been asked by the Rugby league Accredited Player Agent Scheme committee of the NRL to show cause as to why their accreditation should not be suspended or cancelled.

It is going to be a tad tricky or the agents to wriggle off this hook. It is not like the courts where someone has to be proven guilty beyond resaonable doubt and the burden of proof is with the prosecution.

In this case the NRL has said you are guilty – tell us why we should not hang you all out to dry.

The committee considered legal advice from Senior Counsel Tony Bannon and an NRL report concerning the alleged involvement by the agents in the Storm’s salary cap breaches. The breaches are alleged to amount to over AU$3 million.

The process is likely to take a few weeks, to give agents and their legal representatives enough time to consider the evidence against them and have a fair hearing.

The NRL was also at pains to point out that the shutters were coming down on the whole saga for now, saying “In particular, it is not proposed to make any public statement regarding the precise nature of the allegations which formed the basis of the committee’s resolution.”

Newswarped thinks player agent ranks have a higher representation of first rate scumbags than most other sectors of society.

Newswarped is also wondering if there are any ‘low profile’ player agents out there or are they all just born ‘high profile’?