September 17, 2019

NZ Post gets Prince Williams birthday wrong on stamp pack

At least NZ Post got the right couple. Date of birth? Just details.

NZ Post has been forced to withdraw it royal wedding presentation stamp pack only weeks before Prince William and Kate Middleton marry.

The pack, which sold for $19.90, was released only this week but included the wrong birth date for the Prince William in the text.

Instead of the correct date of June 21, 1982, the pack said Prince William was born on May 21.

Before stamp collectors start getting all excited, the mistake was only on the presentation pack cover not on the two stamps released themselves.

NZ Post spokesman John Tulloch, said it was a regrettable mistake and the unsold packs would be withdrawn and reprinted.

“We used an external writer to do the copy and we have a checking process. That did not work. We are embarrassed by it,” said Mr Tulloch.

Steven McLachlan, president of the New Zealand Stamp Collectors Club said the mistake would not mean the packs would be worth a lot more money but it was very embarrassing for NZ Post. “It might worth $40 or $50” he said.

The presentation pack included a stamp set, a miniature sheet and stamp first day cover.

On its website NZ Post said the pack was “temporarily unavailable. Please try early next week.”