September 17, 2019

Prince William visits quake workers in Christchurch

Prince William becomes an honorary USAR team member. Thanks for taking the time to come down here Wills.

Future King of England, Prince William has been visiting New Zealand on a tour to encourage suvivors of recent disasters there.

He spent the day in Chistchurch visiting earthquake relief centres and walking through some of the worst affected areas.

Such was the willingness of the Prince to cast off royal airs and graces, that he was totally comfortable to pose for photos with the ladies who distribute Port-a-loo’s to the earthquake ravaged city.

“Someone’s got to do it,” he joked withthe ladies, while doing his best to be facinated by the location map of Port-a-loo’s in the Christchurch.

On Wednesday he was in Greymouth on the South Islands West Coast visiting families of the 29 men who died in the Pike River coal mine disaster late last year.

Today he is due to travel to the Christchurch suburb of Sumner and talk to residents affected by the earthquake, before heading to Hagley Park for a formal memorial service due to begin at 12.30pm.

Outside Latimer Square, which has been acting as the base for Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) teams, William spoke of his astonishment at the level of devastation. “It’s just the scale of it, it is unbelievable.”

“You guys have been doing a sterling job. You really have. You have done fantastically well.”

USAR area commander Steve Barclay said: “It’s a great morale booster to have him here. It’s not purely symbolic.

“We had Russell Crowe here the other day and we had John Key, and having the Prince come all this way to acknowledge our problems is a real morale booster and we really appreciate it.”

Newswarped is not the biggest fan of the royal family, but we have to say Prince Williams visit has been well received.

It is refreshing to have some positive ‘royal’ news being reported after a bad run in recent times from the likes of Andy and Fergie.