June 25, 2019

Ricky Nixon suspended for “relationship” with Kim Duthie

Yeah we know Ricky, it felt like a good idea at the time. Well it felt good anyway.

Disgraced AFL player agent Ricky Nixon is looking for another career today after the AFL Players’ Association Agents Accreditation Board suspended him for two years.

The agents ”inappropriate personal relationship” with teenager, Kim Duthie was top of the list of grevances against Nixon, who no longer has the right to act on behalf of footballers and manage their affairs.

It seems he has done a piss poor job of managing his own affairs as well, by letting Kim Duthie manage ‘their affair’. Duthie had released nude photos and made allegations against St Kilda players that Nixon represented.

Duthie had filmed what appeared to be Nixon in a hotel room dressed only in his underpants, and claimed the pair were in an ongoing sexual relationship and had taken drugs together.

Melbourne QC David Galbally had investigated Nixon’s relationship with Kim Duthie who is 30 years his junior. Galbally found Nixon had lied to players he represents about his relationship with Duthie, that he lacked integrity and had generally failed to meet the requirements of an accredited player agent.

The board found that Nixon had committed the following crimes against humanity:

❏ entered into an inappropriate personal relationship with a young person who had been in conflict with players for whom he acted;

❏ acted in a manner contrary to the interests of players for whom he acts, and;

❏ misrepresented to players for whom he acts the nature of the relationship.

Asked whether Nixon had expressed remorse, accreditation board chairman Ian Prendergast said Nixon had expressed only disappointment. ”So it’s fair to assume there was no apology made,” he said.

Hopefully this is the end of the whole Kim Duthie saga. Ricky Nixon certainly offered footy fans the most bizarre twist of all in what was a roller coaster ride with the outspoken Aussie teenager.