June 16, 2019

Ricky Nixon to stand down over Kim Duthie affair

Nixon flies back to resign and rehab - Kim Duthie chalks up another victim.

AFL player agent Ricky Nixon is expected to arrive back in Melbourne from Ireland and the UK this evening. He skipped town two weeks ago shortly after serial photographer Kim Duthie released film to the media allegedly showing a semi naked Nixon in her hotel room.

Duthie says she lured him into an affair to get back at him over her treatment after she released nude photos of St Kilda players Nick Riewoldt and Nick Dal Santo. Ricky Nixon strongly denies he had any sexual relationship with Duthie, but refuses to explain what the inappropriate relationship he admits too consists of.

The Nine Network reports that Nixon is going to be whisked away from the airport to a secret location to escape the glare of media attention.

An announcement is expected in the next few days that Nixon is standing down as an AFL player agent.

THe AFL Players Associaton has already launched an investigation into his alleged affair with 17 year old model, Duthie.

It is also rumoured that Nixon is going to check into a professional clinic for treatment for personal issues, that like his relationship with Duthie are unexplained.