March 19, 2019

Spider-man director Julie Taymor steps down

Don't think Julie Taymor has been smiling quite as much lately.

Julie Taymor the director of the troubled Broadway musical, Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark, has stepped down as director after the official opening was delayed for a sixth time.

The show was due to open on 15 March, but its Producers said her previous commitments past that date meant she could not “work the 24/7 necessary”.

Taymor will be replaced by a new creative team to oversee rewrites on the show, but she will remain part of the production team.

Producers Michael Cohl and Jeremiah J Harris said in a statement that Taymor’s vision had been “at the heart of this production since its inception and will continue to be so”. But they said it was not likely to open until the “early Summer” at the earliest.

Playwright and Spider-Man comic book writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Broadway director Phil McKinley, musical consultant Paul Bogaev and sound designer Peter Hylenski have all been brought in to help with changes to the show.

Newswarped is concerned that too many cooks are going to spoil the broth on this one.

The production featuring music composed by U2’s Bono and The Edge, has been plagued with delays, technical hitches and injuries to its cast and crew since production began.

Despite all this the show has now performed its 100th ‘preview’ show and has drawn big audiences. Box office receipts last week alone were $1.28 million.

Newswarped is also wondering if the show will ever officially open. Maybe they were waiting until Spider-Man broke Jackie Mason’s old record for Most Broadway Previews of 97 set in 1969 for Mason’s comedy A Teaspoon Every Four Hours .

Incidentally Mason’s show closed the day after it officially opened. With all that has been invested in Spider-man it is unlikely that Turn Off the Dark will suffer the same fate.