April 20, 2019

Tsunami-stranded porpoise found inland in Japan

The Finless Porpoise is a happy looking dude even if he nearly ended up as sushi in a rice paddy.

Rescuers in Japan have returned a stranded baby porpoise to the sea after it was found splashing in an inland rice paddy where it was washed up earlier this month by the massive tsunami that hit Japan.

A passer-by spotted the metre-long finless porpoise Tuesday inland, around 2km from shore, and more than a week since the 11th March earthquake and tsunami.

Local pet shop owner Takashi Wagatsuma from the hard hit coastal city of Sendai, was among animal rescuers who rushed to return the creature to the sea.

“He had a few scratches but seems otherwise okay,” Wagatsuma said.

Finless porpoises do not have a dorsal fin and can grow to around 1.6m in length. They are native to much of coastal Asia.

Sendai, 320km north of Tokyo, was among many communities that suffered massive damage when the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami struck, wrecking entire communities.

Wagatsuma’s Dogwood pet shop in Sendai has become a collecting point for strays and pets whose owners have lost their homes in the disaster and are unable to bring the animals with them to shelters.

“Sometimes people come to look for their pets and there have been a few who found them, but it’s mostly people asking us to help out because they can’t bring their pets with them,” Wagatsuma said.

Newswarped likes to hear good news stories from the disaster in Japan. One baby porpoise saved is a welcome respite from leaking nuclear reactors and rising death tolls.


  1. Heather Brown says:

    What a great story…yes to all the animal lovers in this World…….