August 22, 2019

US aircrew rescued after F-15 crashes in Libya

The F-15 Eagle. A fine military aircraft, but sometimes prone to the odd wardrobe malfunction.

A United States F-15E Strike Eagle involved in attacks against Colonel Gaddafi’s military capability in Libya has crashed in Libyan territory.

The fighter bomber had flown from Aviano air base in Italy and entered Libyan airspace when it experienced mechanical problems, the U.S. military command for Africa said in a statement.

Both the pilot and the weapons officer ejected and were rescued within hours. The pilot was picked up by an Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft from the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge operating off the Libyan coast. The weapons officer landed in a different area and was picked up by anti-Gaddafi forces and handed back to the Americans.

Both aircrew only suffered minor injuries when they parachute landed.

Residents in the area where the jet crashed, some of whom witnessed the crash, said they searched farmland for the two Americans. They also expressed their gratitude to coalition members for the United Nations-authorised coalition attack on Libyan air defense targets meant to protect civilians.

The US military was at pains to point out that the F-15 had suffered a mechanical malfunction and was not downed as a result of enemy fire. Newswarped is unsure if this is like a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction that wasn’t intentional but the end result was very obvious.