May 19, 2019

US ambassador to Mexico resigns over WikiLeaks scandal

Lets face it being the US ambassador to Mexico is the ultimate hiding to nothing.

The U.S. ambassador to Mexico Carlos Pascual has submitted his resignation, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced Saturday.

Pascual’s resignation follows continuing tension between the United States of America and Mexico over diplomatic cables leaked by the WikiLeaks website last year.

The leaked cables quoted US officials refering to “widespread corruption” in Mexican security agencies and “a dysfunctionally low level of collaboration.” The cable also described the Mexican army as “slow” and “risk averse” and concluded that only 2% of people arrested in the crime ridden city of Ciudad Juarez were ever charged with a crime.

Mexico President Felipe Calderon was clearly unhappy with Ambassador Pascual’s performace and what he sees as US interference in internal politics inMexico, saying “I have no need to tell (Pascual) how many times I meet with my security cabinet nor what I say, right? The truth is that it’s a matter that does not concern him and I don’t tolerate nor accept any type of interference.”

Secretary of State Clinton said that Pascual’s decision to resign after only 18 months in the role is “based upon his personal desire to ensure the strong relationship between our two countries and to avert issues raised by President Calderon that could distract from the important business of advancing our bilateral interests.”

Newswarped translates this as ‘President Calderon doesn’t like what we are doing and Pascual is a convenient scapegoat’.

Newswarped is also confused why Mexico might get so upset with the US when what the diplomats were saying was only the truth. It seems the truth really does hurt.