July 19, 2019

10 drug couriers arrested at Auckland Airport

Drug couriers are not welcome in New Zealand. Their cargo adds up to a whole load of human suffering.

Ten Malaysian drug couriers have been arrested at Auckland International Airport after they were found to be carrying around $10 million of methamphetamine in their shoes.

New Zealand Customs say it was the most drug-couriers caught in a single incident at the border.

Eight men and two women were each concealing between 800g and a kilo of the drug when they arrived on the flight from Malaysia yesterday.

NZ Customs Drug Investigations Manager Mark Day said officers searching the bags of two of the group referred them for a personal search, and in both cases P (methamphetamine) was detected in their shoes.

After the discovery the remainder of the group who were part of a legitimate tour party were rounded up. Some were still in the Customs hall, but others had already left. All of them were then searched and found to be carrying P in their shoes.

Mr Day said that “By embedding themselves in what appear to be legitimate tour groups, these criminals are trying to assume normal travel patterns so that they will not be targeted as high risk.”

“We had a similar attempt by a Taiwanese tour group last year, but they too were caught out by vigilant Customs officers. It’s work our officers can be very proud of.”

Newswarped is wondering in this politically correct world that New Zealand might be better off being culturally sensitive to these drug couriers and use the death penalty on them that they would likely suffer in their home country for the same offence.

The only problem is that the real scumbags don’t carry the drugs themselves, but get mules like the ones caught in Auckland to do the dangerous stuff.