September 23, 2019

3 year old boy dies in roller coaster fall

The Python Pit roller coaster. It looks harmless enough but a boy died on it. Hopefully an investigation will uncover the truth about its operation to prevent another tragedy.

A 3-year-old US boy has died after falling out of a roller coaster died on Sunday at the Go Bananas Amusement Park in Chicago.

The boy was sitting near the front of the Python Pit roller coaster when he got underneath the ride’s safety bar and suffered head injuries in the fall.

Norridge Police Chief James Jobe said the “boy was on the ride with his twin brother when he fell out of the coaster while it was moving”. describing it as “a tragic accident.” They said a State Inspector was at the scene.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office said the boy died at the park and park management are cooperating with the investigation.

Authorities said they believe the boy met all the requirements for the ride.

Newswarped is surprised that the authorities are so quick to announce that it is a “tragic accident” and that the boy “met all the requirements for the ride”, before an investigation has taken place.

If a three year-old can die on a amusement park ride then either it is an operational failure or a systemic failure. There are no such things as ‘tragic accidents’ on childrens rides. Someone has stuffed up here.

Source: Spaulding Injury Law.

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