November 27, 2015

52 students suspended for rating female teachers physical ‘attributes’ online

The world is full of elimination reality tv shows. Were the boys just following media trends?

52 students at a Catholic Boys college in Brisbane, Australia have been suspended after rating their female teachers physical ‘attributes’ online.

The students from years 9 to 12 at Villanova College in Coorparoo posted the photos and comments on a social networking site. No prizes for guessing which one, considering a storyline from the movie, The Social Network.

Now the students will have to attend one-on-one meetings with the female teachers before being allowed to return to class. Newswarped is wondering how a one-on-one solo session with the teachers in question is a punishment. Surely this sounds like a fabulous idea to a teenage boy.

Villanova College principal Dennis Harvey confirmed certain female teachers had been targeted and rated according to their physical attributes.

Doing his best to sound offended Principal Harvey said “The page invited viewers to rate female members of the college staff, according to criteria that were offensive and of a personal nature.”

“This type of behaviour is unacceptable, and has no place at Villanova.”

The boy responsible for creating the site was identified first and suspended last Wednesday, before other participants were punished.

Mr Harvey said the school acted “swiftly” on the matter and encouraged students to realise the full consequences of their behaviour.

“Students are supported to verbalise their wrong-doing, and take ownership for their behaviour, and its real consequences for others,” he said.

He declined to comment further on the incident, including whether or not he agreed with his students assessments of his female staff.

Boys have talked about this stuff in the playground since the dawn of time. Now it is natural to do it online for them. I am sure most don’t know what all the fuss is about, and a few of the dads will be in the same boat.


  1. “Doing his best to sound offended Principal Harvey said β€œThe page invited viewers to rate female members of the college staff, according to criteria that were offensive and of a personal nature.”

    There are some real men around, you know.

  2. Josh, what an idiotic comment. It just goes to show how the next generation (I am guessing, by your spelling) have sadly become moulded in todays sexualised society. (and don’t know any different to the feelings of others, how women are treated… how they should even be considered!!). Society has become increasingly full of sexualised imagery and it’s a sad fact that girls now feel the need to get their bodfies cut open in order to avoid such comments, such judgements, from men (or boys) such as you. I’m so glad I was a child of the 80’s, so that when I did blossom I was not taken in by all of that crap! Poor teachers.

  3. thelaughingman says:

    we did this in class with the teacher no more than 20 feet away. that’s what these morons get for not setting it to private, lol.

  4. Student... says:

    Its called hormones, far out man, reporters these days?? They do anything to get freaking noticed… This article is crap…. for once get the story right eh? Cheers…

  5. Those kids should be aloud to judge their female teachers just as their teachers should be aloud to judge them. So long as this bias doesn’t get in the way of schooling then this should be perfectly acceptable.