March 21, 2019

Abducted Italian activist found dead in Gaza

Vittorio Arrigoni - He spent years working for the good of the Palestinian people, before a group of supreme idiots decided that killing him was doing God's work.

Vittorio Arrigoni a pro-palestinian Italian activist who was abducted on Thursday by armed men, has been found dead in the Gaza Strip hours only hours later.

His captors had posted a video on YouTube, showing Arrigoni, blindfolded with tape. On the video they demanded that Hamas release a number of Salafist prisoners.

Obviously patience is not one of their virtues because they didn’t give much time for a response. Hamas police found Arrigoni’s dead body inside a house.

It is believed that a radical Salafist Islamist group were responsible for the kidnapping. They are at odds with Hamas who control the Gaza Strip. Salafists consider Hamas to be too moderate.

Hamas has been largely responsible eliminting kidnappings in Gaza which used to be commonplace.

Mr Arrigoni who had lived in Gaza for several years, is the first foreigner kidnapped in the territory since 2007.

Newswarped thinks that any radical group that thinks killing someone who is only there to help your people is sick. Leave the innocents alone and go and do something useful for your people scumbags.