August 23, 2019

Acclaimed Filmmaker Tim Hetherington killed in Libya

Tim Hetherington - one of the many brave photojournalists who risk everything to bring us the truth about conflicts.

Acclaimed British photojournalist and documentary maker Tim Hetherington, has been killed while filming in the beseiged Libyan City of Misrata.

Misrata has been under seige by forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi for more than seven weeks, and the humanitarian situation has become dire.

A group of photographers were moving down Tripoli Street, the main route into the centre of Misrata when they were hit by mortar rounds.

“It was quiet and we were trying to get away and then a mortar landed and we heard explosions,” Spanish photographer Guillermo Cervera said.

Hetherington was the co-director of the war documentary “Restrepo,” which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary at last years Academy Awards. Hetherington, also won the 2007 World Press Photo of the Year award.

Getty photographer Chris Hondros is reported to be in critical condition in intensive care, doctors at the hospital where he was being treated said, he has suffered brain injuries, but there is nor further information at this stage.

Hondros, a past winner of the Robert Capa photojournalism gold medal, and a Pulitzer Prize nominee, has worked covering major conflicts in places like Afghanistan, the West Bank, Kosovo, Angola, Sierra Leone, Lebanon, Kashmir, Iraq and Liberia.